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Robertson County Tennessee DUI

Arrested for DUI in Springfield, Tennessee or Robertson County?  Call an experienced DUI Attorney now at 345-1988. 

A DUI is charge is very intimidating.  A DUI conviction could permanently alter the course of your life.  It could jeopardize your current employment, your credit, and even future job opportunities.  A DUI conviction could raise red flags and question marks with future employers for many years to come.  If you have been recently arrested and charged with a DUI in Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee, you need to speak with noted DUI attorney Lee Martin-immediately.  With over 17 years of experience, Lee Martin is a DUI defense attorney who can maximize your chances of having your DUI charges mitigated or maybe even dropped.  Tennessee DUI laws are extremely complex and the penalties are harsh.

Most people fear the shocking severity of Tennessee’s DUI penalties.  Even the penalties for a first time offender are extremely harsh.  A first offender must serve jail time, take alcohol classes, and loss their license for a period of one year.  In addition, the Court can order you to perform community service work and additional alcohol treatment.  Your ability to travel may be severely restricted by the Court.  Now, ignition interlock devices installed on your car are mandatory.  This is all done at your expense.  In addition, your current insurance company will most likely cancel your insurance and you will have to obtain high risk SR-22 insurance.  As a result, your insurance premiums could soar.  The Tennessee Department of Safety has estimated that a DUI first conviction will cost the accused over $5,000.00.  As you can see, the penalties associated with a Tennessee DUI conviction are extremely severe.

The penalties for a DUI conviction are more severe if a prior DUI conviction exists, even if the prior conviction is from another state.  Additional punishment can be imposed for a blood alcohol content that exceeds a .20, an accident is involved, or if a minor under the age of 18 is present in the car.  If a minor is in the car, Tennessee law mandates that an additional jail sentence of 30 days must be served.  As you can see, a DUI charge is not taken lightly by the State of Tennessee or the Courts in Springfield, Robertson County.

Public pressure has forced Tennessee lawmakers to continually introduce tougher DUI laws and penalties.  DUI is serious business and the penalties are severe.  Lee Martin is a lawyer who has an exclusive focus on DUI defense and is always on the cutting edge of DUI defenses and strategies.  He will leave no stone unturned.

Lee Martin has over 17 years of experience in successfully defending DUI cases and will use his experiences and knowledge for your benefit.  He understands how difficult it is to be accused of a DUI.  He will protect your rights every step of the way and make sure all of your options are explored.  If you need help with your Springfield DUI, give Lee Martin a call at 345-1988.



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